“Be a Rebel, Drink Great Beer” say the glasses at Rebellion Brewing.

I’m not much of a rebel, and I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to beer (David always goes for the deeper stouts, and I usually stick with the blondes or pilsners). Last night, I had a great time trying all kinds of new beers, and discovered I might have a bit of rebel in me after all!


I had heard about Rebellion beer and the tap room that opened at Dewdney and Broad in Regina a few months ago. After an event at Crave, my hip and happening friend Rachel invited me to join her and a couple of her other hip and happening friends at Rebellion. When I arrived I joined them at the bar, I instantly liked the red and chrome interior and the friendly vibe.


As a newbie, I just followed their lead. They recommended I try a flight of small glasses to taste all kinds of new beer. At $12, it was a great deal and a really fun way to try beers I would have never tried before. The bar staff was also really helpful in helping me pick the six types of beers to try.

When the flight arrived, I loved the slab of wood, with chalkboard spaces where the names of the beers were written. Everyone explained I should first taste each beer (from the top and moving clockwise), rather than drink one small glass, and then another. It’s a progression, from lighter beer to deeper and stronger flavours.


At first taste I wasn’t sure about some of the tastes (the third bitter taste of amber stout in particular). But, as I slowly made my way through each glass, I came to really enjoy each beer. I realized I actually liked the bitter amber stout, the coffee/cherry flavour of the very dark cherry stout, and even the sweet and strong mead to end the tasting was enjoyable.

Since David wasn’t with me, and I knew he would completely love this place, Rachel explained that I could purchase a Growler to take home to David as a gift. I love the look of this jug, and choose to fill it with the amber stout for about $20. The bartender explained that the beer is good for about five days unopened, and about two to three days after opened.


I can’t wait for David to try the amber stout Growler and I know for sure we’ll be back so David can experience the flight tasting, and to re-fill up the jug with some other really tasty beer… made in Saskatchewan!

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