For our last night in Vegas, David and I returned to our favourite “supper club” place. Fantastic food, cocktails and talented singers make Rose. Rabbit. Lie. in the Cosmopolitan a great show.

The ambience is dark with pink/purple accents. The cocktail list is creative and my femme fatale was gorgeous.

The show had two amazing singers who each walked around meeting/singing to patrons. I loved the singer pictured below .. a jazzy vibe and great pipes. She came over and sang something to Dave about love … and I said … he loves me! She riffed on that to say “honey, he’s taking you out for dinner and I have to sing for my supper, so, ok, you win!”

Another more sultry songstress also picked us out saying she liked our table from the top (chocolate and strawberry dessert) to the bottom (my velvet sneakers). Great fun.

The food is all about sharing small plates and we loved what we chose. The heirloom tomato and soft cheese dish was a great light start. Perfectly cooked sea scallops followed. I love scallops!

The two standouts for us were a roast chicken and broccoli dish, and Brussels sprouts with manchego cheese (yum)!

The strawberries and chocolate came as the singers and band were finishing their second set. A fantastic way to spend a night in Vegas. And, it really feels like a free show! What could be better?

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