We planned to try Shack Shack on the strip in New York New York, but weren’t really looking to the long lined up (that it always seems to have). Happily, we stumbled on it at the North Premium Outlet Mall and we got to try it (mostly) line up free!

Shake Shack lived up to the buzz we heard about. My Shakeburger (cheeseburger) and Dave’s Smokeshake Burger (applewood bacon cheeseburger) were really delicious. The buns are super soft and the portion size is just right (smaller than some other burger joints). Whatever the special sauce is, its great.

We also shared bacon cheese fries, and they were all bacon goodness!

On the funny side, there is a buzzer you get when your order is ready,.. and we giggled at our number.

This was a fun and pretty cheap lunch ($20). Recommended!

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