Dave and I love a good pub, and were excited to hear Shannon’s was opening in the Cathedral neighbourhood (across from the Safeway on 13th and Robinson)…. in the old location where we had our first date! So, of course, we had to check it out.

We went on their opening night, and then a week later during the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. We heard the group of Irish owners were rushing to get the place open in time for the festival – and to be honest, it showed a little. It was cash-only on the first night, and they still hadn’t fully decorated the sparse interior the second night we showed up. It’s very noisy inside without anything on the walls or floors to pad the sound, and someone we know actually left within minutes because it was too loud. That’s the downside.

Here’s the upside. It’s great to have another patio to go to for a pint and a pub meal in Cathedral. We sat outside both times. We didn’t enjoy all the smokers around us, and the picnic tables are a bit wobbly… but we enjoyed the ambience overall. We also chose a new beer – Shock Top – that is a new favourite. It’s a lot like Rickard’s White or Kronenberg Blanc.. but less pricey.

The menu is pretty standard for a pub – Dave and our friend Kim both chose burgers, and were happy with them. They were big burgers with a lot of fries on the side – so good value for the money, and tasty. Dave was especially impressed with the amount of bacon on his.



I chose the fish and chips. The fish was a little too well done on the outside, and had a lot of batter to fish ratio… but it was what I was looking for in a pub meal.


I am interested to see how Shannon’s fares in the coming months – and wish them well as they get the kinks out! I am sure we will go back again when we are looking for a casual night out.

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