We made it to the most famous and busiest crossing in the world!

After a packed but short train ride on the JR Yamanote Line, we walked through the Tokyu department store to the crossing.

First, you have to find the statue of Hachiko (a loyal dog that met his master at this spot, and kept coming back day after day for years following his master’s death). Everyone takes a photo here. But as with everything in Japan, everyone waits in an orderly line to do it.


The crossing has a few vantage points – we chose the free option on the second floor of the Tokyu department store. But, you can also go to Starbucks (if you can manage to get a spot by the window).

The crossing has people walking all ways, crossing several streets. It’s cool, but with umbrella’s was a bit challenging. Also, after you cross once you realize…. yeah, it’s a crosswalk.  

The rest of the Shibuya area is very much about shopping and business and restaurants (like Maisen). Oh, and you can dress up like Super Mario Brothers and ride around in go carts. But note, it was really hot and muggy and I didn’t see a lot of smiles on those faces! Sweating buckets.

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