Talk about a shopping day well spent! Primm Fashion Outlet Mall about a half hour south of Las Vegas is worth the time to get there.

I usually make a point of visiting the downtown Premium Outlet Mall when I am in Vegas (because it is a quick cab ride from the strip). This time, since I am on my own and my time is all my own, I decided to take a shuttle to Primm for $12.

While the pick up was a bit of a pain (it takes about an hour before you stop picking up at different hotels and then get on your way to the mall), the mall itself was great.


I read that the deals out here are way better than the outlets in Las Vegas itself… and that was the case for me. I found most everything was at least 50 per cent off the sale price, and often even more. I did some serious Christmas shopping here (I won’t say which stores, to not tip off my loved ones), and I was thrilled with the deals at the Kate Spade store.

I adore everything Kate Spade and came on this trip with an idea to buy a new carry on bag for the plane ride home (my old one has had its day). I walked out of that store with a new bag that was 50 per cent + 20 per cent off… hello $435 bag for $110!


The other fun thing about the mall is that it is right at the California border… check out the small building in the picture below… that’s California! I ran over, just to say I was in Calfornia on this trip.


It was a long day… pick up was 9 a.m. and I got back to my hotel at 4 p.m. – but Kate Spade made my day!

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