TTP_6649Siam restaurant in Regina is popular among our circle of friends, and people were always surprised to hear we had never been. That has finally changed, and now we can say we know what all the fuss is about!

Siam is a small downtown restaurant, so it fills up fast (always a good sign). I really like the decor, especially the Thai ceremonial masks mounted on the wall, the funky light fixtures and the menus (who doesn’t love elephants)?

The menu is extensive, and while it has typical westernized options, there was a lot on the menu I have never heard of or tried in other restaurants before. It seems very authentic, and we love that!


To start, we chose the wrapped noodle dish because it looked like a lot of fun to eat. Basically, it is a large dish of items that you roll together into a fresh roll. You start with the round rice pastry and layer on a lettuce leaf, ground pork, bean sprouts, cooked egg, deep fried shallots, green onion, cashews and an incredible spicy Yum sauce (aptly named). It really was a lot of fun to wrap our own rolls, exactly to our liking. At $7.95 the plate gives you and incredible portion for your dollar. It could easily be a meal in itself.


I can never pass up Pad Thai at a Thai restaurant, and so we chose the Pad Thai Koong (stir fried rice noodles, shrimp, bean sprout, tofu and egg). It was absolutely delicious and not too spicy (we opted for medium spicy). The shrimp were cooked perfectly, and the tofu had absorbed all the flavours of the dish and was a great consistency. Pad Thai can be somewhat sweet and goopy in less capable hands – this dish was perfect.


Finally, we decided to pick a dish we have never seen or tried before. I love citrus flavours, and lime in particular, so we landed on Num Gok Gai Tod. We were intrigued by a dish that mixes deep fried chicken and ground pork, roasted rice, onion, cilantro and a spicy sour dressing with lime sauce. The flavour was really fresh and light, and a wonderful surprise. A great find that we will definitely have again.


These three dishes, with two thai beers and a complimentary bowl of steamed rice, all came to just under $40 – an absolute steal if you ask me! Big on authentic flavour and ambience,  Siam promises a great experience that’s also easy on the pocketbook. Always a killer combination and highly recommended!

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