Whenever I am in Victoria, I never pass up an opportunity to visit Silk Road – a tea store and spa on Government Street in Chinatown.


The store is really beautiful – all red and white – with fantastic teas you can sample before you buy. The staff are always super friendly, and I really enjoy the vibe here. Dave knows how much I love it here, and is mimicking my joy in the photo below!


This time around, I chose some pre-packaged tea bags, instead of loose tea. Lots of fantastic options from Philosopher’s Brew to Chai, to Jade Green tea.

Silk Road also sells all natural spa products and has a small spa in its basement. On a previous visit I had a massage, which was quite lovely (and being in the basement of a tea store really didn’t bother me at all)!

I learned on this visit that Silk Road has easy online ordering and delivery… So that will be much easier for me than a trip to Victoria every year or so!

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