I always suspected that Kissle Cabbage came from somewhere on the Canadian prairies but I never knew that they were made so close to my home. Kissle Cabbage comes from Craven, Saskatchewan. Right in my own backyard. Sour cabbage is simply pickled cabbage. There are no ingredients on the label but I’m pretty sure that the list would include cabbage, water, pickling salt and spices. You could pickle a cabbage or two at home but that would make your basement smell of fermented cabbage for quite a while. So much easier to go to your local grocery store and pick up a head of ready made sour cabbage.

I really only use this for one thing. Cabbage rolls. I’m sure that sour cabbage is available in stores year-round in Western Canada but I only look for it around Christmas time. Cabbage rolls are an integral part of the Christmas meal in these parts.

Kissel Cabbage - Sour Cabbage
Kissel Cabbage - Sour Cabbage
Save yourself the pain of fermenting your own cabbage at home and buy a ready made head of sour cabbage from Kissel Cabbage.

You can find their site at kisselcabbage.com

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