What’s better than olive oil from your very own tree in Italy? Why, olive oil from your very own olive tree in Italy twice a year!

Last year for Dave’s birthday, I bought him a gift that keeps giving… Nudo olive oil. It’s a wonderful product and a great package. For the cost of about $100/year (give or take), you can choose to adopt an olive tree in an area of Tuscany of your choice. Then, you get packages of this fantastic olive oil delivered straight to your door. How fun!

IMG_3213Our tree is in the Il Taccolito grove, and this time around we even got a sticker on our three 16.9 fl oz tins with one of the owners on it…with the following quote: “Thank you for adopting one of our olive trees. Your support means that we can concentrate on making the best oil we possibly can. If you’d like to visit your tree one day, you are always welcome.” How great would that be?

Since last fall, the adoption and deliveries have changed from twice a year to quarterly – 50.7 fl oz of oil delivered from the UK four times a year. I think that’s a great idea – more to look forward to!

Dave and I often use the flavoured olive oils for salads and dipping that we received last year, and I know these three tins will also be liberally used for everything, except cooking (use the cheaper stuff for that!).

Check out www.nudo-italia.com to learn more… a great gift idea!


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