Dave and I love big city markets. There is something about the mix of fresh produce, artisanal cheeses and meats and the friendly connections people make with their local producers that is great fun…. and worth the extra cost that often comes with fresh local produce.

St Lawrence Market (at Front and Jarvis downtown) is filled from corner to corner with shops and people. We visited on a Saturday and it was very busy and very cramped! It seems to have stalls organized by product (meats all together, fish all together and cheeses all together), and it gets a bit difficult to tell it all apart for a newbie. However, it was clear that locals have their favourites and certain shops had longer line ups than others.

St Lawrence 2

All of the food looked delicious, with all types of food represented – from portuguese to chinese to italian – and everything in between. Unfortunately, we left a bit too early for lunch and a bit too late for breakfast, so we didn’t brave the long line-ups to purchase anything. That’s unfortunate, because I am still dreaming about the delicious buttery local brie cheese that I sampled at one stall!

St Lawrence 1


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