David and I are big fans of Chef Dale Mackay and his Grassroots Restaurant Group in Saskatoon – Ayden and Little Grouse on the Prairie are big time favourites of ours.

So of course, we were dying to visit the fairly new Sticks and Stones asian restaurant. We finally got there in early June and are thrilled to say it was as fantastic as we hoped!

We loved the look of the restaurant, and from where we were sitting we had a birds eye view of the kitchen. It’s a tight squeeze in some of the tables, and it is a bit loud… but that’s what a thriving restaurant is like!



Sticks and Stones is a blend of Korean and Japanese flavours, with a vast menu of authentic and innovative dishes (mostly smaller plates made to share). We decided to focus on the Korean side of things for our first visit over a very busy Tuesday lunch hour.


Our first dish was a small dish that packed a big flavour punch! The braised pork belly steamed bun was incredible – a street food perfect bite. Completely satisfying.



We then moved on to the Bi Bim Bap – a Korean staple that was served in a small heated dish with steamed rice, bulgogi, mushrooms, zucchini, bean sprouts and an egg. Half the fun with this dish is mixing it all up and getting all the fried sticky rice off the side after it has been sitting for a while. What a fresh and slightly spicy delight.


We were told the Spicy Korean Fried Rice would take a half hour, but probably only took about 15 minutes. It was our favourite dish of the day. You need your napkin with this one, but it’s worth being messy. Spectacular bold flavour.


Our trio of Ban Chan (three Korean sides) came a bit late in service, and was interesting to taste some new dishes… but it was just ok and best alongside the Bi Bim Bap.


This was one amazing lunch, and Sticks and Stones is now one of our absolute favourites in Saskatoon! Casual ethnic dining at its best. Be careful to not come on a Monday (they are closed, as we found out the day before we finally made it here!)

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