GiGi Brand Strained TomatoesI love strained tomatoes in a jar. This is way better than strained tomatoes from a can because I can use a little and throw the rest in the fridge for the next tasty dish. I don’t have a favourite brand of strained tomatoes. I’ll pick up a jar or two if they’re in stock at Italian Star Deli or I’ll grab a bottle at Superstore. This stuff is just super handy to have around when you’re making sauces. Obviously I use it in pasta sauces but it’s also useful in French cooking and when I make Indian curries.

Not all strained tomatoes are created equal. Some have more chemical crap in them than others. The ingredient list should be short. Tomatoes, salt, basil. Some contain a little citric acid. Any thing more than that and give ‘er a pass. If it contains basil I like it when it’s chopped up. Some of the Italian strained tomatoes have large leaves of basil. That can be a pain in the ass when you dump it in your sauce.

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