TTP_6476Here’s a novel idea for your next birthday/anniversary/just because party – try out a cooking class at Tangerine!

The small restaurant near downtown Regina is one of our favourites, with fresh, healthy and delicious food on an always changing menu. I go there for lunch often, and always love to check out the new daily specials on the big chalkboard wall. It’s always busy, which is a sure sign of a thriving restaurant that is always delighting its regular patrons.

Tangerine also offers regular cooking classes that are a lot of fun (I recently learned all about Tapas). Check them out on Facebook or Twitter  to learn more about how and when to sign up for these hard to come by classes that happen after-hours in the evening (from about 5 – 9 pm).


What I didn’t know is that you can also inquire about setting up a private cooking class. Two of my good friends have birthdays in July,and set up a private class with the owner Aimee and eight of their friends. For a price of about $75/person, they organized a great menu with Aimee. The cost covers the price of all of the ingredients, printed recipes that you can take home, and of course the opportunity to cook in the Tangerine kitchen and learn from Aimee’s expertise and guidance.

We broke up into two teams, and each team was responsible for certain dishes (sometimes sharing components of the same dish). Taste tests during the evening were a lot of fun, as were the impromptu cooking and chopping tips that Aimee gave us. At the end of the night, we all sat down together for a wonderful and fun meal – the entire restaurant to ourselves.


I won’t share the recipes here (because they are Aimee’s to share)… but here’s a list of what we made (all of it completely delicious and totally doable at home).

– Cucumber Lime Gazpacho (my personal favourite of the night!)
– Chorizo and Beef Burgers with Caramelized Onions
– Snap Pea, Grape Tomato and Bononcini Salad with Black Olive and Fig Dressing
– Hot and Smoky Baked Beans
– Devil’s Food Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Mocha Buttercream Icing






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