Who knew the performance venue (and former church) The Artesian in the hip Cathedral neighbourhood is now serving lunch? I sure didn’t… until my ultra-hip friend Kim took me there for lunch over the Easter weekend!

This is a pretty new development, apparently. Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the hipster basement lounge (complete with a 50’s vibe, some velvet-looking couches, a bar and cool music playing). It’s all vegetarian and feels very homemade and simple (in a really good way).


Neil greeted us warmly when we walked in right at 11 a.m. sharp, and told us what he was making that day. I snapped up the Red Thai Curry. Loaded with all kinds of veggies and rice, the dish was a perfect blend of coconut milk and curry on a cold spring day. It came with a delicious starter salad and naan bread.


Kim chose a pasta salad with a very large hummus wrap. It was also delicious and she gleefully declared she now knows that hummus is for more than dips!


Neil ended our dining experience with some homemade caramel corn that was seriously to-die-for! I pretty much ate the whole bowl (before I thought to take a picture)… and didn’t buy any to take home (for fear I would eat the whole bag)!

At about $14 for my lunch, including a cool cucumber soda, I thought it was a steal. Big portions with a cool ambience. I will be back again… and hope to get the word out about this new little secret place.

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