What a wonderful surprise to learn that Hide Awhile in Negril has a beautiful little cat named Marley, who basically became our Jamaica house cat during our visit.

Dave is a real animal person, and the moment he ran across this little stray (who is taken care of very well by the staff on the property), Dave had a new friend. The next day, she shyly came up to our step on the first floor patio and hung out there until we noticed her. The moment we called her over, she was instantly in Dave’s lap… and then on mine!



Marley was  a real sweetheart – friendly and cuddly – and followed us around our villa throughout our stay. She even started sleeping on the patio chairs outside during the night, and waited for us to wake up each morning. We have two cats at home, so it was fun for us to transfer our love onto her for the week. If you aren’t a cat person, I get the sense that Marley is pretty smart about guests, and waits for an invitation before she boldly jumps up onto your lap! Yet another reason we are still thinking about our time in Negril, and dreaming about our return.


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