In the days between Christmas and New Year’s I always find myself turning the page and looking steadfastly forward to the year ahead. Planning, organizing, de-cluttering and goal-setting.
In terms of travel, I have one very specific goal – share more travel experiences, closer to home, with David:

1. Las Vegas in February.
This is a big deal. It’s a 2.5 hour direct flight away, so it’s perfect for a short fun getaway. It’s also a trip David used to swear he would NEVER do. Totally turned off by the glitz and cheese and gambling of it all. He was forced to go on a business trip over a year ago, and he experienced some of the fantastic foodie paradise aspects of Vegas and he’s slowly changed his tune. We’re going in February. TOGETHER. I can’t wait.

2. Vancouver in Spring (date TBD)
Considering all of our travels, people are amazed to hear that David and I have never been to Vancouver. I’ve been to the airport a few times, but that’s it. We’re righting that wrong sometime this spring. I’ve already started researching the city, restaurants and attractions and I know this will be one amazing trip!

3. Chicago in Fall (date TBD)
Over the past year, it seems every time David and I muse about potentially going to Chicago, someone tells us it is their absolute favourite city. It’s got the same big city vibe as New York, they say, only friendlier and more relaxed. Considering how much we LOVE New York, this is really intriguing to us.

4. Toronto in October
I have fourth row seats to see Adele at the Air Canada Centre in October. I am bursting at the excitement of it all, and it is 10 months away! Having been born in Scarborough, I have visited family here often over the years, and am looking forward to exploring Toronto again and making time for a solid family visit around this sure-to-be-amazing concert event.

My other main goal in 2016 is to try and be a bit more spontaneous, and fit in more long weekends for short staycations at home. My day job is demanding, and I want to find more balance on a day to day basis to take time to delight in the small stuff – sitting on my back deck reading a good book, napping with my cats Karma and Minto and appreciating and enjoying the company of my sweetie.

I also know that whatever my plans are, there are bound to be some unexpected bumps in the road in the year ahead. But, whatever the year brings, I know that if even half of my goals come to fruition, 2016 will be a wonderful year indeed!

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