We made it! Tokyo we are in you!

After a long flight we were happy at how smoothly customs went (quick lines to take a photo and fingerprint) and how easy it was to find the post office to pick up our pre-arranged Sakura Mobile SIM cards (waiting for pick up). 

It allows you to use you the data on your phone with a Japanese carrier for a small fee … much much cheaper than roaming! But you have to make sure your phone company unlocks it before you travel to allow the new SIM card. Dave’s activated first, but I needed wifi and brain cells to get mine working, so just figured it out this am.
After our post office experience we found the airport limousine counter easily and 15 minutes later we had our tickets and on the bus to our hotel (Hyatt Regency). 

Narita airport to Tokyo is about as far as the earth is to the sun, so the bus was a way to relax and get a nap in (rocking cars help me sleep, unlike turbulence on a plane). We were trashed when we arrived at our hotel in the dark  two hours later.

A great sleep and blackout curtains helped us get on time (thanks NyQuil!) and hello Tokyo! We are excited to explore today!

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