Dave and I knew from past experience that getting on an airplane out of the freezing winter prairies and headed to the warm sunshine of Jamaica was bound to be a bit raucous. Unfortunately for us, that was an understatement.

We knew we were in for trouble when we realized we were surrounded by a large group of upper middle aged travellers who were travelling together, but were not sitting together. Here’s a tip – just because you are in a large group, it does not mean you own the plane, or even the group of rows you are scattered throughout!

Shortly after takeoff, it became apparent that the woman sitting in the window seat beside me was not prepared to travel on her own away from her group. She needed entertainment, but didn’t bring anything to entertain herself. I felt like I was a parent who didn’t bring any crayons for her child. She was constantly vying for the attention of those around her, sitting up on the back of her seat to talk to the extremely loud man behind us, and yelling and leaning over me to talk to people across the aisle.

As soon as the drinks began to be served, it was really flowing around us. A good sign all these folks were headed to an all inclusive resort. I have a bias that I will admit to. Heading off to sit in one resort and drink my face off (to ensure I get my money’s worth of booze) is not my idea of travel. It’s the lazy way out, that doesn’t introduce you to the place or the people you are visiting. The people around us were definitely looking for a drinkfest, and the man behind us ordered three shots of rye (followed quickly by two more). I imagine getting his drink on for the days of drunkeness ahead.

The group around us got louder and more obnoxious as the booze kicked in. Of course, at some point during the flight, the loud man behind us said “I work hard and party harder!” Travel tip – this does not excuse rude behaviour or poor manners in my book!

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