I am a light sleeper, and it plays havoc with me while traveling. I have trouble blocking out the sound of airplane engines, crying babies and conversations around me. That usually means no sleep on planes. On long overseas flights, that’s no fun.

I had often wondered if noise cancelling headphones were worth the price and if they would really help me. Facing very long flights and layovers on my recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, and after reading excellent reviews, I decided to invest in Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones.

These headphones aren’t cheap at $349, but they are worth every penny! For the first time on a long flight, I wasn’t annoyed by people talking while I was trying to nod off or watch a movie, distracted by the flight attendants as their carts rolled by my aisle or unable to block out the sound of the loud engines.

Working on batteries that have about a 9-hour life, with the flick of a switch these headphones really do block out sound around you. It feels like you have just gone underwater or something. They are also very comfortable, fitting around your ears, so having them on for hours at a time isn’t an issue.

The best endorsement I can give is that, miracle of miracles, I actually SLEPT on a plane. For a good solid two hours (beating my previous record by about 1.5 hours), and managed several other little naps as well. Halleluiah!

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