I am a big believer in wearing practical, comfortable shoes while on holiday (and, well, just in general). I am also a big believer in investing in a good pair that will last a few years, rather than buying cheap ones that pinch or fall apart quickly.

On the advice of a friend’s sister, I looked into Sketchers’ Go Walk shoes. They cost about $100, so I was a bit on the fence about them – but decided to purchase them right before my trip to Las Vegas.

I am absolutely in love with these shoes! They are light as air (really!), so very easy to pack or to slip on or off at airport control points. I am prone to blisters at the back of my ankles, and these didn’t leave a mark or cause any other issues (and I walked for miles and miles and miles on this trip with no socks).


Better yet, they look good with black dress pants, so you don’t have to worry about packing another pair of black walking shoes (but you may still need to pack a pair of shoes that go with skirts).


I love these shoes and highly recommend them!

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