On our last full day in Tokyo, we headed to the Ueno Park area. It was a Monday. All the guidebooks tell you NOT to visit Ueno on Monday, as the many park museums and the zoo are closed. We aren’t that into museums, so it worked really well for us to visit a much quieter park.

Ueno Park is really beautiful! It has lovely vistas and temples at every turn.





It also has a very large pond, that is completely filled with rustling large lily pads. We ran into some turtles and feeding fish too!



After the park, we headed to the nearby Ameyayokocho for some food. We were a bit too early for some of these places to open for lunch.


To find some air conditioning, we decided on the building across the street and had some delicious cold soba noodles with tempura at Kinojyia.



It took a bit of watching others to learn how best to dip the cold soba noodles into the light bowl of sauce. Once we figured it out, it was great fun and really delicious! We never did figure out what to do with the hot water that came in a little tea pot (and no one else did anything with it either). A great way to end our morning in Ueno.

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