I travel to Victoria for work every once in a while. It seems that in the last couple times I was there I wasn’t able to get in to Ulla for one reason or another. The stars aligned for this trip and Ulla was open when I was in town so I had to give it a try. The cocktails were good and the food was fantastic (other than my choice of appetizer but that was my own fault).

Since I was by myself I decided to sit at the bar. The bar is an ideal place to eat when you’re travelling by yourself. My Ulla experience started off with an Old Fashioned cocktail. I’ve been in love with these since I had an awesome one (or three) at George Restaurant in Toronto. This one was pretty good but it was missing the cherry.

My first dish was the Scallop Boudin Blanc. I should have asked more questions about this one. I didn’t realize that scallop boudin blanc were blended into a puree before cooking. I really like the meaty texture of scallops and this preparation really didn’t turn my crank. I googled recipes for scallops boudin blanc and the dish seemed to be prepared in the same way as the one I had so this one’s all on me. Chock this one up as a foodie lesson.

Scallop Boudin Blanc

I had finished my Old Fashioned cocktail and was trying to decide if I wanted a glass of wine or another cocktail to go with my entree. I asked the bartender if he had a cocktail that would go with a beef dish and he said he had one thing in mind. It was called a meat hook and it was a take on another whisky cocktail called a red hook. This one was better than my old fashioned.

Meathook Cocktail

The second dish made up for my poor choice of an appetizer. I chose beef two ways. Steak sous vide and braised short rib with kohlrabi, potato gnocchi, black trumpet mushrooms, garlic sherry jus. This dish was really good. The whole thing was really well balanced. The steak was perfectly done and the short rib was fall off the bone tender. The sauce brought the whole thing together.

Beef Two Ways

Desert was a parsnip cake with date puree, candied walnut & parsnip, bourbon maple mascarpone ice cream. This was a take on carrot cake and they did a fine job. The desert was not too big which was good since I had plenty of food between my appetizer and entree.

Parsnip Cake

I’m glad I finally made it to Ulla Restaurant. The bartender knows his whisky cocktails and my entree and dessert were spot on. On my next trip to Victoria I will make a point of going there again.

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