I have visited Toronto many times, and this is the first visit where the UP Express train has been up and running to take me downtown.

In previous visits, I have used cabs or a bus service to take me to hotels in the downtown area. The new UP Express pulls directly into terminal 1 at Pearson Airport. It is easy to find, and a train comes every 15 minutes, dropping you off at Union station (along with two other stops at Bloor and Weston if you don’t need to go that far).

It is also now very affordable at $12 per trip (the price was recently reduced due to low ridership). I think that new price has done the trick, as it was a pretty full train at 3 p.m. when I arrived. In less than 25 minutes I was downtown. And, if you pack light like I do, you can get to any downtown hotel within minutes from Union station. Easy, quick, simple and cheap!


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