We have a lengthy pit stop at the Vancouver airport on our way to Tokyo, and decided to spend $25 each to have access to the Maple Leaf Lounge.  

A way to get away from people, we thought!  Relax in comfy chairs for a few hours, we thought!
We arrived at 8:30 a.m. to an incredibly busy space, full of people that the staff were working very hard to keep up with. Only cold options were available for food (cereal, yogurt, cold hard boiled eggs) and a long line up for coffee (two of the three machines were out of commission).

Seriously underwhelmed! However, as I write this, folks are clearing out and it is getting quieter (I hope to snag a comfy chair soon). 

We also have two choices for Maple Leaf Lounge. We are in the domestic lounge now, and we’ll try out the international lounge a bit later on… maybe we’ll have more space and food options there.

Update: we made it to the international Maple Leaf Lounge and it is indeed better! Brighter, though small as it is a temporary space right now. But, quieter and a nice lunch spread with salads and great noodles… and some Granville Island Pale Ale! 

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