I love english high tea. It feels so decadent and fancy. My mom and I went to a tea room on a trip to Scotland a few years ago, but didn’t go for the whole tiered goodies experience. We more than made up for it on her recent visit to Regina at the Victoria Tea Room at the Hotel Saskatchewan.

First of all, the Hotel Saskatchewan has that classic victorian old-school vibe that is perfect for tea. The Victoria Tea Room is beautifully decorated, and lovely linens and china make you feel like you have gone back in time.


You begin with your tea selection of course. I chose a green tea, and my mom chose a berry tea. A table of “ladies who lunch” were at the table beside us and asked for regular tea. The very capable and kind server reminded them “you can have regular tea ANYWHERE, choose something special.” It is a special experience indeed.

The tea begins with strawberries and cream – with a mint sprig on top. Fresh and delightful.


Then, it’s the showcase – a tier of little sandwiches on the bottom (crusts cut off of course), middle tier of lemony pastries and a top tier of chocolate desserts. It’s so lovely when it arrives!

The bottom sandwiches were probably my favourite tier. Egg salad, chicken and mango, smoked salmon and cream cheese and cucumber and cream cheese. It’s seriously filling, so my mom and I were skeptical we could finish the whole thing! We did manage to get through most of the second tier and absolutely loved the scones with strawberry butter, lemon and cream!!


We couldn’t make it through the top tier (I ended off with a fantastic chocolate dipped strawberry). We took the eclairs, chocolate opera cake and last chocolate strawberry home with us…and really just savoured a lovely time together over tea!

I highly recommend the Victoria Tea Room for a special afternoon treat – it’s open from 2:30 – 4 p.m. on Thursday to Saturday, reservations required.

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