I woke up with a fever this day. So what did I do? I decided to make Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches for lunch. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you’re sick and staying home from work? I was not at my best and it took most of the morning for me to prepare a simple lunch but the results were totally worth it. Take a French style baguette and add a bunch of fresh ingredients and you have one tasty sandwich. The words “banh mi” refer to the French style baguette. Fresh vegetables and quick pickles are quite common ingredients. Just about every banh mi that I’ve seen includes cilantro.

The first thing I needed to do was to whip up some quick pickled onions. I also made a simple zingy dressing by combining mayonnaise with sriracha hot sauce. Needed some meat so I cut up some pork tenderloin and marinated it in hoisin sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil and fried that up.

Banh mi ingredients

The baguette was cut about a third of the way from the top. I used my fingers to make a hollow in the bottom part of the bun. Shredded carrots and pickled onions were piled on to the bottom bun. Next I added thinly sliced english cucumbers. To that I added the fried pork and topped it with a hand full of cilantro (stems and all). The top bun was slathered with my spicy mayo and it was done.

Building the banh mi

Normally I would post the recipe but I didn’t really write down what I was doing. Plus… my feverish state did not help the cognitive process. Banh mi sandwiches are about fresh flavours and crunchy textures. Put as much or as little in it as you want.

Finished banh mi

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