Our Hide Awhile hotel is far out on the west end road on the cliffs of Negril. One of the furthest properties from the popular beach. But there is one even further out.

David has told me about his runs out past The Westender Inn into the hills and A2 highway. This trip, we decided to get up early and take a walk out to the Westender so I could experience part of it.

It’s an 8 kilometre walk round-trip and it’s important to get an early start, because the sun can really beat down on you by about mid-day, without a lot of shade to be found. Wearing a hat is also a great idea (someone named Jesus lost his hat along the way, apparently).


I love walks like this, because you see the real Jamaica. You see the tiny local groceries and restaurants, some lovely homes and some not so lovely homes that are more like shacks really.




We also saw the concrete start of a resort that has been long since abandoned mid-construction (with some very large vultures perched on the roof). I think it’s important to get out and experience real life. It’s the only way you can truly appreciate any location.



We had some fun experiences on this walk. We passed many very friendly people, always with a welcoming “good morning.” And there was the herd of goats. Actually two herds of goats. Walking down the road having a good old head butting and bleating time. We also apparently passed a very large lizard that David wisely did not alert me to.




When we made it to the Westender, we were greeted by some really lovely trees and flowers – it was quite magical.


This walk was a great way for us to get our exercise done for the day early, and spend the rest of it relaxing back at the Hide Awhile pool.


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