Wann Izakaya is a new Japanese restaurant in downtown Regina (opened in late 2016).


As we watched the old Hanabi space on Broad and Victoria be renovated and revitalized into Wann, David an I were quite excited to visit for the first time. It did not disappoint!

The new space is open with clean lines, and I loved all the pretty touches of the interior and ceramic plateware.



The waiter was attentive and friendly, and I loved the service button … you press down the appropriate button for service or the cheque. I do t know why I thought that was so much fun, but it was!


We started our meal with kushitori – similar to tempura but with a lighter Pablo crust and on skewers. The sauce brought the shrimp, yam and corn skewers to life (I especially loved the corn).


Our sushi arrived and was fresh and delicious! The smaller tuna  and salmon rolls were lovely. 


The larger salmon roll was fantastic with a barbecue flavour and crispy texture inside we couldn’t put our finger on. David thought it tastes like eel. I just thought it was delicious!


We will definitely go back to Wann again soon… and next time I will try the Ramen. I was coveting the large bowls of the diners around me and impressed by the advertised 12 hours of cooking time each day! It also looked amazing.

Lots of happy and satisfied faces in Wann Izakaya!

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