David and I had a hankering for Japanese food while in Kelowna, and were really impressed to find a wonderful little authentic Izakaya right in the downtown area.


Wasabi Izakaya is small and quaint, and I imagine what an authentic Izakaya feels like in Japan. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and we loved the Japanese language menu of specials, along with the small menu that offered ramen, sushi and grilled favourites. The ramen looked amazing, but it was just too hot to try on this on a 40 degrees celsius day!


We started with something off the specials menu – the organic kale fried in garlic and soy. I love kale, and this very simple dish of greens packed a lot of flavour that we really enjoyed.


Our two main dishes came next, the ebi chili mayo dish of large fried prawns had a fantastic tempura batter and spicy mayo accompaniment, and the 6 pieces of chicken karaage were little pieces of boneless fried chicken heaven.



Finally, our yuzu tuna tataki arrived, and was a wonderful cool salad with buttery soft tuna and fresh greens and avocado to finish on.


We completely enjoyed our dinner here, and was reasonably priced for a delicious and exceptional experience!

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