It’s pouring rain on my last night in Las Vegas, and pretty chilly at about 10 degrees celsius. People around here are wearing ear muffs!! That’s a pretty silly sight for a prairie girl (who knows it is -35 with the windchill back home right now).

Anyway, with the rain and chill in the air, I wanted to stay close in the hotel for my last dinner in Las Vegas. There are so many great restaurant options in the Encore Hotel that I found it hard to choose from.


Ultimately, I was having a noodle craving, so I chose Wazuzu at the Encore. I love the decor, and the casual vibe (always good when eating solo in my experience). I ordered a Sapporo beer and had a hard time deciding between the Pad Thai and the Drunken Noodles.


After some great discussion with my server (who suggested Drunken Noodles, because you can get Pad Thai anywhere), I settled on the Drunken Noodles – wide rice noodles (that look like egg noodles), thai basil, sweet soy sauce, chillies, onions and chicken. It was absolutely delicious and totally satisfied my noodle craving. I especially liked the sweet soy sauce and very fresh taste (no deep frying or thick goopy sauce here).


At $21, the Drunken Noodles were a very generous portion and a very reasonable price. Combined with the $8 Sapporo, it was another excellent and affordable dinner out at the Encore.

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