We have been without wifi at our Hide Awhile hotel far down West End Road of the Negril Cliffs for three days now. 

On Valentine’s night, following a big reggae show on the beach, someone hit a power pole, and hit it hard. It knocked out all the power along the cliffs and the internet lines. We saw the car shrapnel and the power pole the next day (at a 45 degree angle blocking the road). 

We didn’t think to take a photo at the time, but we did take one on our return drive back up the cliffs with the new pole in place.

It took crews all day to get the power restored (thankfully our hotel has a generator so we had power the entire time). But the wifi is another story.

Luckily for us, we are on vacation and only really care about the wifi for checking the weather, posting photos to this blog, Instagram, Facebook and staying in touch back home. And even luckier for us, the sister property on the beach (Idle Awhile) has been completely unaffected and we have been wifi’ing to our hearts content during the day at the beach.

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