David and I watched an interesting documentary called “Foodie” on Netflix that asks the question – what makes a person want to travel for food, spend a lot of money doing it, and blog about it?

For David, I think the clear motivator is his creativity and talent in the kitchen. He can experience a meal, truly understand what went into its creation, and use it as inspiration for his own version at home.

For me, it’s all about recapturing a feeling I had with my family as a child.

For as long as I can remember, my family has recalled special moments and trips by recounting what we ate there and then. The epitome of this for me was my first “fine dining” experience at a restaurant in Banff. My dad was building wood walkways all through the forest and park to points of interest one year. We visited him and he took us out for a special meal. Lobster. With the candle and fire underneath to heat up the butter. Fancy white linens. Attentive waiters who knew my dad by name. Oh my god, I was spellbound.


This wasn’t every day for my family. My dad was a hard worker, in the construction industry that often took him away from home to provide for us. My mom held down the fort at home on one salary, so very wonderfully. We didn’t have a lot of “extra” and we certainly didn’t go out for fancy meals very often. This was special.

My childhood influences a lot of my every day, as it does for most people. I am pretty frugal, a saver by nature. I live well within my means. I would never dream of spending $500 on a pair of shoes… but for some reason, I do it without hesitation if I believe it will be an experience that will wow me, and that I’ll always treasure (like that lobster dinner). I spend my hard-earned money on travel and food. It’s all about experiences for me.

When David and I met, we weren’t really foodies. I liked a good meal and so did he. Together, we started to realize we had the same passion for a special food experience. We’ve discovered this “hobby” together. We totally nerd out about food, and it’s incredibly fun. We’re so very lucky.

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The documentary asks if being a foodie is all about ego and status. I don’t think that’s the case for us. As a matter of fact the more fancy the atmosphere, the more out of place and nervous I tend to feel (but it sure doesn’t stop me)!

I think we do it to share our joy, and as a way to plant a wonderful fleeting moment into reality, so we can look back and reminisce together.

Remember Barcelona? Oh my god… TICKETS… what a wonderful meal…

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