I have been so blessed by the weather on this trip! I am saying it so much, I am like a broken record. As we prepared to leave Ushuaia, and the beautiful Patagonia area, I truly realized just how lucky I have been.


The wind picked the night before I left, and howled and rained the morning of my flight to Buenos Aires. I wondered how this flight would feel in winds that could easily be characterized as nearing hurricane proportions.

As the time of my flight neared, the sun came out, but the wind was still incredibly strong. You could feel the wind rock the plane as we sat on the runway during boarding. It was so windy that the poor airline baggage worker was struggling against the wind to do his job, and any bags on rollers were rolling away on their own and he had to go chase them down!

Luckily, a few minutes into the flight, the turbulence ended (but it was a rocky ascent to be sure).

Once we landed in Buenos Aires we were greeted with 25C weather and sunshine. And, I found I was a bit overwhelmed to be back in such a big city after such a wonderful and peaceful journey in wide open spaces. It could also be that I am a bit run down, and battling a cold (that has spread on our bus of travel mates). Adventure sure is tiring!


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