It’s been a while since I’ve visited The Capitol on Hamilton in downtown Regina, and Christmas drinks with old work friends was a great opportunity to go back to this great spot. I was greeted with a great Christmas vibe, and a dirty martini as good as the first time I was here.


The menu has evolved over the years, and I was happy to see some asian-inspired flavours and deli-style platters on the menu. Still in the afterglow of my trip to Japan, I jumped at the chance to try their Chicken Karaage (Japanese fried chicken). The chicken was tender and the sriracha aioli was perfectly spicy.


For my entree, I dove into the Yakisoba Chicken Noodle Bowl. The grilled yakitori chicken skewers were lightly grilled without any sauce, and I really liked that. The star of the dish for me was the buckwheat soba noodles. Thinner than what I had in Japan, but just as tasty and tossed in a nice light sauce. I liked them so much that I had to stop myself from eating it all, to make sure I brought some home for David to try.


I will definitely be back at The Capital in the near future, to try more of the new menu… with David next time!

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